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Seasonal Water Management for Semiarid Areas

WP4: User dialogue and development of a user-friendly online prototype for seasonal forecast in the frame of water management 

Motivation and objectives: WP-4 represents the synthesis of the results obtained by WP’s 1-3. This process will take place in close cooperation with local decision makers (already identified in the frame of ongoing projects in the development and perspective regions) and result in a blend of user-oriented and scientific information with the goal of contributing to specific decision support in these regions. For this purpose the scientific feasibility will be analyzed and new information will be synthesized and simplified for the purpose of practical application, whereas comprehensible communication of the scientific information is of central importance. The main goal of WP 4 consists of the development of an industry-ready online prototype facilitating access and use of the outcomes of the project in form of methods and data including a seasonal forecast of water resources management. Moreover, the transferability of results and findings obtained for the development regions to the perspective regions will be investigated.

Methods: Stakeholder workshops for assessing user-oriented needs, supervision of continuous user dialogue at the interface of application, science and economy; Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and database programming for archiving and visualization of results; WMS/WMS-T integration of time-series including pixel- and vector-based layers with accuracy and uncertainty information; overlay, intersection and special visualization tools for evaluation and support of decision making taking into account uncertainties; web-based methods using existing basic software tools (e. g., GAFmap); training for correct software use.

Products: Tools for visualizing results, decision support, optimization of water resources management (irrigation strategies, seasonal reservoir management, planning of additional reservoirs, reduction of sedimentation) taking into account economic constraints, sustainable preservation of ecosystem functions and user conflicts; online prototype for seasonal forecast and for near-real-time monitoring of water resources management for promising project regions.


This project was financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the financial assistance agreement No 02WGR1421.


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